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Sunrise Yoga

The Sunrise Yoga online course introduces you to a gentle approach to Yoga that will teach you how to create a progressive series of poses that flow smoothly and accommodate all fitness levels.
Duration: 1 month

From: R500.00 / month for 3 months and a R1,500.00 sign-up fee


Product Description

With Sunrise Yoga, a gentler, less intensive form of yoga that’s perfect for all fitness levels, you’ll help others ease their overactive minds, while reconnecting them with their bodies and breath.

Sunrise Yoga is easy to learn, enjoyable to teach, and provides a lasting sense of calm and wellbeing, something that’s invaluable in today’s stressed-out society.

(7 AFAA CEU’s)

This course is fully online

Qualification Content

5-hour video workshop
40-page downloadable/printable manual
Online final exam for CEU’s

As a Sunrise yoga mentor you’ll be able to adapt your teaching to different fitness levels and help people increase:

– Flexibility
– Muscular strength
– Improve balance
– Increase coordination
– Reduce stress
– Enhance a feeling of well-being

Additional Information

Payment Options

Full Fee, 3 month payment

+27 31 630 0747

Student Support
Available during business hours.