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Yoga and Pilates Fit Pack

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AFAA Beyond Mat Science (7 AFAA CEU’s)

This fusion-based format is a true balance between standing and floor exercises in a variety of positions. It incorporates the use of both yoga and Pilates breathing techniques, while allowing instructors to be creative with the original exercises. Beyond Mat Science offers flowing sequences suitable for all fitness levels that incorporate the three main fitness components: Cardio-respiratory, strength, and flexibility training.

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AFAA Yoga and Pilates on the Ball Training (7 CEUs)

Expand your knowledge and explore new exercises by adding a large stability ball and a small Pilates ball to your Yoga and Pilates fusion workouts. Learn techniques to increase strength, flexibility and muscle tone with a focus on improving posture, proprioception and functional strength.

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AFAA CEU Corner: Pilates-Based Postural Assessment (2 CEUs)

Improve spinal mobility and strength through proper posture

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