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Yoga Fit Pack

For a limited time, package up all your continued education requirements.

Sign up for the Yoga Fit Pack and receive 4 AFAA Continued Professional Development Courses.



Yoga Essentials I (3 CEUs)
This program is the starting point for aspiring yoga teachers.

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Yoga Essentials II (4 CEUs)
This program follows Yoga Essentials I and prepares you to move forward as an effective and informed yoga instructor.

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Sunrise Yoga (7 CEUs)
With Sunrise Yoga – a gentler, less intensive form of yoga that’s perfect for all fitness levels – you’ll help others ease their overactive minds, while reconnecting them with their bodies and breath. Sunrise Yoga is easy to learn, enjoyable to teach, and provides a lasting sense of calm and wellbeing – something that’s invaluable in today’s stressed-out society.

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CEU Corner: Sometimes You Just Have to Unplug (2 CEUs)
In today’s world, stress is a very real and dangerous situation in the landscape of life.

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