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AFAA Golden Hearts: Senior Fitness Training (7 CEU’s)

Golden Hearts focuses on designing and teaching fitness programs for seniors. In this online course you will learn the physiological changes that occur with aging, the role exercise plays in chronic disease management and safe and effective exercise program design for the healthy active to sedentary senior.

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AFAA Sustaining Mobility and Movement: Human Movement Science (7 CEUs)
As a fitness professional, you know that moving efficiently in activities is key to performance and longevity for you and your participants.
In this first release of AFAA® ’s Sustaining Mobility & Movement series, group fitness instructors and personal trainers gain the knowledge needed to make simple adjustments to counteract the negative effects of muscular imbalances that result from activities of daily living and a sedentary lifestyle—imbalances that can lead to potential injuries.

  • Uncover dysfunctions in the body’s kinetic chain and the associated movement deficiencies.
  • Identify common imbalances found in different group formats—cycle, resistance/strength training, cardio/HIIT, boot camp, dance, aqua and mind-body—and adjust them by applying the corrective exercise continuum.
  • Take group fitness to an individual level by assessing your class, seeing how students move, uncovering imbalances, and making adjustments to correct them.

Human Movement Science addresses the needs of individuals while also providing a successful group experience. It ensures your participants will perform at their best.

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AFAA Osteoporosis (2 CEUs)

What You Should Know

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AFAA Suspension Training for Older Adults (2 CEUs)

Functional Movement and Training That Are Totally Accessible

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