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Physical IQ National Diploma: Fitness

Become a Qualified Fitness Professional, while also specialising in a field of your choice.
Duration: 2 years

From: R2,500.00 / month for 6 months and a R4,500.00 sign-up fee


Product Description

Building on the National Certificate in Fitness, the National Diploma in Fitness will see you expand your skills, specialise in a selected field, and gain the tools required for lifelong learning. Upon completion of this qualification, you will be fully-equipped to:

  • Design, implement and manage a physical activity programme for healthy individuals or groups and apparently healthy special populations (pregnant, children, youth, older adult, athletes).
  • Screen, assess, monitor and manage health-related fitness and wellness programmes, without direct supervision.
  • Promote and provide safe and effective physical activity participation to meet participant/s fitness requirements as well as provide educated advice on lifestyle change for improved wellbeing.
  • In addition, the qualifying learner will have the knowledge for appropriate referral to other healthcare providers.
  • Further your own learning, practice and career within the fitness and/or associated industries and through your own personal growth.

Requirements & Accreditation

The National Diploma in Fitness is registered with CATHSSETA and the Department of Education.

Qualification Content

Module 1: Introduction to the Fitness Industry (12 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
The History and Role of the Fitness Industry in Society
Career Pathways
The Fitness Environment

Module 2: Anatomy and Biomechanics (15 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Introduction to Anatomical Structures
Introduction to Biomechanical Principles
Functional Anatomy and its Application to Exercise

Module 3: Physiology (15 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Introduction to Exercise Physiology
Exercise Preparation and Recovery Strategies
Preventing Overtraining

Module 4: Screening and Testing (9 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Design and Implication of Screening Procedures
Assessing the Physical Fitness of Adults

Module 5: Exercise Programming (13 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Programme Design Techniques
Physiological Considerations
Designing Programmes for Disabled Individuals

Module 6: Health and Safety (11 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Ensuring Safety in the Fitness Environment
Risk Prevention and Management

Module 7: Understanding Special Population Groups (40 Credits)
Nutritional Requirements of Special Population Groups
Unique Anatomical, Physiological and Biomechanical Considerations
Performing Assessments on Special Population Groups

Module 8: Sports Psychology (32 Credits – 7 credits completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Encouraging Participation in Physical Activity
Client Motivation Strategies
Principles of Wellness and Lifestyle change
Behaviour Change Strategies

Module 9: Business Management (22 Credits – shared with Certificate in Fitness)
Entrepreneurial Skills
Administrative Techniques
Communication Skills and Networking Strategies
Financial Strategies and Planning
Establishing and Implementing a Business Plan

Module 10: Fitness Nutrition (6 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Basic Principles of Nutritional Guidance

Module 11: Professionalism (8 Credits – completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Professional Values and Ethics

Module 12: Chronic Disease Management
Understanding Chronic Disease (Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Asthma, etc.)
Special Exercise Considerations

Elective Module (50 Credits – 10 completed in Certificate in Fitness)
Group Training
Exercise Programming for Special Populations OR
High Performance Conditioning Techniques

Distance/Online Study

So you’re passionate about fitness, but can’t commit to lectures – we have taken this into account and designed a comprehensive distance learning course, allowing you the flexibility to study in your own time without compromising on the quality of your learning experience.

How It Works

  • Register for the course.
  • We send you your course material, including a DVD detailing how the course works.
  • Expect a call from student support to set up your Master Trainer sessions, who will guide you through the practical components of the course.
  • Complete online multiple-choice quiz assessments at the end of each module.
  • At the end of the course, you will post us your logbook and portfolio of evidence (with all of your completed tasks) – you are welcome to submit tasks electronically too, via our Student Online Learning Centre.
  • Email us if have ANY questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Complete your practical exam (no theory examination) in the designated examination periods throughout the year with a certified Physical IQ Assessor.

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