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Sports Massage

Begin a career in the field of Sports Massage.
Duration: 3 months

From: R1,834.00 / month for 3 months and a R4,600.00 sign-up fee


Product Description

The Sports Massage course is the perfect way to launch a career in the industry or to add to your skills to improve your earning potential.

The course will be facilitated by a qualified massage therapy facilitator and involve 3 weeks of practical evening sessions. There will also be a theory examination, a practical examination and a logbook detailing case studies.

Course cost includes:

  • Practical workshops
  • Sports Massage manual
  • Exam fee
  • Sports Massage Certificate

Requirements & Accreditation

This course is held in conjunction with Camelot International, and is accredited with the Department of Education.

Qualification Content

  1. Introduction to Sports Massage
  2. Preparation
  3. Principles of Massage Therapy Application
  4. Sports Massage Techniques
  5. Muscle Soreness
  6. History Taking
  7. The Multi-Disciplinary Team
  8. Sports Massage Assessment: General
  9. Muscles: The Upper Back and Neck
  10. Sports Injuries: The Upper Back and Neck
  11. Muscles: The Lower Back
  12. Sports Injuries: The Lower Back
  13. Sports Nutrition
  14. Muscles: The Gluteal Region
  15. Sports Injuries: The Gluteal Region
  16. Muscles: The Upper Thigh
  17. Sports Injuries: The Upper Thigh 18. Muscles: The Posterior Leg and Foot
  18. Sports Injuries: The Posterior Leg, Heel and Foot
  19. Muscles: The Anterior and Lateral Leg and Foot
  20. Sports Injuries: The Anterior and Lateral Leg, Ankle and Foot
  21. Muscles: The Anterior and Medial Thigh and Groin
  22. Taping Techniques
  23. Sports Injuries: The Hip, Anterior and Medial Thigh and Knee
  24. Muscles: The Abdomen
  25. Sports Injuries: The Abdomen
  26. Muscles: The Chest
  27. Sports Injuries: The Chest
  28. Muscles: The Upper Arm and Shoulder
  29. Sports Injuries: The Upper Arm and Shoulder
  30. Muscles: The Forearm and Hand
  31. Sports Injuries: The Elbow and Forearm
  32. Sports Injuries: The Wrist and Hand
  33. Case Management

Practical Workshops

This course is held over a period of 3 months, with six 3-hour practical evening sessions. This is followed by a period of case-studies where the student practices the techniques learnt.

A final practical examination is held once the student has completed all their case studies.

How It Works

  • Register for the course.
  • Join a scheduled practical course in your region.
  • Email us if have ANY questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Complete your practical exam in the designated examination periods throughout the year with a certified Physical IQ Assessor.

Additional Information

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