Basic Nutrition Principles

Nutrition is an ever-changing science and there are always new developments to observe. Certain basic biochemistry, which this section hopes to address does not however change, so by getting these basics right, you can use this information to apply to any further nutritional developments in the future. Understanding the fundamental nutrition basics is essential to be able to apply certain concepts to your client’s diet. It is also vital to understanding how nutrition before, during and after exercise would affect your client and to combine this understanding with exercise to allow them to get maximal results. All nutrition sections aim to provide scientific information that can be used to make correct nutritional recommendations and guidelines.

What is a nutrient?

A nutrient is a substance found in food (or in a supplement) that provides nourishment that is essential for the maintenance of life and for growth.

There are three major nutrients, called macronutrients and three micronutrients.

1. Carbohydrates
2. Proteins
3. Fats

1. Vitamins
2. Minerals

Another essential nutrient is water
A client that has an optimal nutritional status will not only be healthier, they will also be able to perform better and see better results. It can improve performance, prevent diseases, control diseases and enhance energy levels.

The following sections will provide more information into each macro and micro nutrient. Followed by information on how each of these nutrients performs in the body in relation to metabolism and how you can use this information to understand energy needs during the day.