Introduction to Personal Training Portfolio Tasks Guidelines

Task 1 Question:

List options, outside of personal training, that a qualified fitness professional could engage in to establish a career in the fitness field

Marks: 10


Textbook: Chapter 1, Careers in Exercise and Fitness

Online Lesson: Introduction to Personal Training, Careers in the Fitness Industry

Task 2 Question:

Sign the professional code of conduct.

See pages 7 – 9

Marks: 10


Portfolio of Evidence pages 7 – 9

(Take a photo of pages 7 to 9, or just page 9, and upload for the quiz question)

Task 3 Question:

Describe negligence in the fitness facility. Use an example which would be relevant to a Personal Trainer

Marks: 10


Textbook: Chapter 8, Section 1: Operating a Business, Legal and Ethical Business Practice

Online Lesson: Introduction to Personal Training, Professional Liability


This is an application question, and requires more than just quotes from the course notes. The student must apply the principle of negligence to a real life scenario that could occur in a fitness facility. Marks will be allocated for the correct description of negligence (3 marks) and the correct use of a real-life example (3 marks). After this the student must link the example provided to the description of negligence and elaborate as to why the example provided is negligent (4 marks)