Screening and Testing Portfolio Task Guidelines

Task 6 Question:

Analyse the case studies provided below and complete the table on the following page.

Case Study 1:

45-year-old female
Never participated in a formal physical activity program
Desk job
Height: 1,67m
Weight: 74kg
WHR: 0,76
Resting HR: 85bpm
BP: 137/92

Case Study 2:

60-year-old male
Has not exercised for 18 months
Height: 1,78m
Weight: 89kg
WHR: 0,97
Resting HR: 82bpm
BP: 142/85

Case Study 3:

25-year-old female
Currently inactive
Desk job
Works 10 hours’ daily
Height: 1, 58m
Weight: 85kg
WHR: 0,65
Resting HR: 78bpm
BP: 124/67

Marks: 21 (7 Marks per case study)


Textbook: Chapter 4, Sections 1, Screening


Screening and Testing:

  • Health and Fitness Screening
  • Screening Assessment
  • Screening Assessment Feedback and Management


When answering this question, it is equally important to know when a medical clearance IS required as much as to know when it is NOT required. Sending a client for unnecessary medical clearance can be costly and time consuming for the client.

It is important to know you absolute and relative contraindications to Physical Activity when answering this question.