Health and Safety Portfolio Tasks Guidelines

Task 10 Question:

Complete an Accredited level 1 first aid course with CPR and AED training and place the certificate in your portfolio of evidence.

Marks: 7


  • Certificate must be from an accredited provider
  • Certificate must be valid
  • A basic CPR certificate is acceptable, however, must fitness facilities require a level 1 first aid with CPR ad AED, which is why we recommend this for the task.

Task 11Question:

Analyse the floor plan on the following page. Use the table provides to complete the analysis.

Marks: 24


  • Textbook: Chapter 6 – All Sections
  • Online: Health and Safety Essentials – All lessons
  • Portfolio of Evidence File – page 23 & 24


Apply the basic principles listed in your notes when answering this question. A reason behind your selection is not required, unless stated in the question.

For the final question, if no risks or hazards are obvious on the layout, list some common risks or hazards in a fitness facility.