Exercise Motivation Portfolio Tasks Guidelines

Task 12 Question:

Which of the following motivation techniques may be utilised during a personal training session for the case studies provided below?

Provide an explanation for each technique selected.

i. Self-management
ii. Goal Setting
iii. Self-monitoring
iv. Psyching up
v. Imagery

Scenario 1:

An individual with a very busy schedule demands to be trained in specific training session times to accommodate their schedule. They have clearly established goals and demand immediate results. They often recommend exercises to include in the training program and often ask for sessions to be more intense or longer.

Scenario 2:

An individual is often late or misses scheduled exercise sessions. When they do arrive for sessions, they enjoy talking a lot, and very rarely achieve the desired exercise intensity. They have established goals from their initial evaluation, but are constantly complaining of not achieving these goals.

Marks: 10


  • Textbook: Chapter 7 – All Sections
  • Online: Motivating Clients – All lessons


Not all the motivation techniques listed will need to be applied in each scenario. This question is an application question, and does not require you to define each motivation strategy listed, but rather to decide on the best strategy or strategies for each scenario, and then to explain how you would apply the strategy or strategies selected to the specific scenario.