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With the current global health crisis forcing many of us to spend a lot more time indoors, online personal training is now more important than ever. Learn how to make use of innovative technology and online techniques to grow a successful online personal training business!

Gain the right qualification

First thing’s first – you need to know what you’re doing. Choosing the right qualification isn’t just about name recognition, but should give you the skills you need to deliver effective training sessions. Physical IQ offers a range of internationally-recognised and locally-accredited fitness qualifications to give you the scientific knowledge and practical skills for a successful career as a Personal Trainer.

Get the right equipment

These days, you don’t need much to start training online. While a good camera will help, all you really need is a device with a camera that is capable of running a simple 2-way video interface such as Skype or Zoom, and another device to keep track of your client’s workout details. Chances are, you already have 2 such devices around the house – if not, there’s no need to make a significant financial investment. Just get what you need to get started!

Set up your training space

While online training can be done from anywhere, it’s nice to have a dedicated space at home. Make sure you have enough room to demonstrate exercises, and leave enough room for all the equipment you’ll need so you don’t have to leave the room. Your workout environment should be professional, clean and free from distractions such as family members wandering in and out of frame. You should also try to get as much natural light as possible, but we’ll come back to that a bit later.

Think about what equipment you and your clients will need

Many of your clients will not have any exercise equipment at home, so take this into account when planning an online workout routine. Bear in mind the equipment that each individual client does have, and try to incorporate these into their workouts. You should also ensure that you have similar equipment so you can demonstrate different techniques for your clients. If you are able to invest in new equipment, go for bright colours so your clients can easily see what you’re doing.

Make sure there’s enough light in your training space

Ample lighting is crucial for online training to avoid graininess and to give your clients a nice, clear picture to work from. Try to avoid setting up with a window behind you; if this is not possible, invest in a simple, decorative blackout curtain and an inexpensive ring light to ensure that your clients can see your every move.

Deliver a professional experience

Your client’s time is precious and paid for, so you need to deliver the most professional service possible. Minimise the possibility of distraction by monitoring barking dogs, crying babies, cellphone notifications, and anything else that may diminish the value of your client’s experience.

Create a balance of virtual training and pre-recorded programmes

If you’re moving into the online training space, pre-recorded workouts are a great way to generate passive income. These can be geared towards a specific demographic (such as senior citizens) to drive targeted sales; however, they are vastly different from the one-on-one, individualised attention of a virtual personal training session. The best course of action is to strike a good balance between tailored personal training and one-size-fits-all pre-recorded programmes.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Your clients aren’t looking for a completely new experience, but are rather seeking an at-home alternative to hitting the gym. Do some research, gain relevant qualifications, and find out what works for both you and your clients.

Gear up for a successful career in fitness with one of our internationally-recognised and locally-accredited sports and fitness courses!