Muscles of the Abdominal Wall

There are five pairs of muscles that form the abdominal wall.

The main function of these paired muscles is to form the strong muscular anterior wall of the abdominal cavity.

Other major anterior trunk muscles include the following:

Rectus Abdominis

Pubis and the Pubic SymphysisXiphoid process of the sternum
Costal cartilages 5-7
Flexes the trunk
Rectus Abdominus
External Abdominal ObliqueLower 8 ribsLinea alba
Pubic crest & tubercle
Anterior superior iliac spine
Anterior half of iliac crest
Flexes and laterally bends the trunk
External Oblique
Internal Abdominal ObliqueThoracolumbar fascia
Anterior 2/3 of the iliac crest
Lateral 2/3 of the inguinal ligament
Lower 3 or 4 ribs
Linea alba
Pubic crest
Flexes and laterally bends the trunk
Internal Oblique
Transversus AbdominisLower 6 ribs
Thoracolumbar fascia
Anterior 3/4 of the iliac crest
Lateral 1/3 of inguinal ligament
Linea alba
Pubic crest
Pecten of the pubis
Flexes and laterally bends trunk
Transversus Abdominus
Quadratus LumborumPosterior part of the iliac crest
Iliolumbar ligamen
Transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae 1-4
12th rib
Laterally bends the trunk
Fixes the 12th rib
Quadratus Lumborum