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Coaching is a calling, and when a love for sport combines with superb leadership abilities, that calling rings loud and clear.  The word “coach” is not a title or a designation; it is a willingness to impact, influence and inspire others. If you recognise these qualities within yourself, then you should consider becoming a sports coach.

Pass on your love for the game 

A passion for sports is contagious and exceptional coaches are the epidemic. As a coach, you have the power to instil qualities of self-confidence and self-esteem in your team by teaching them not only about the game, but also about commitment, victory and loss. Watching this empowering transformation take place is one of most rewarding aspects of a coaching career.

Lead by example

A coach is a role model, proficient in the language of change and learning. When you set a positive example, you potentially alter the actions of children who have tendencies to misbehave. Your dedication as a coach could spark a revolution that transforms the minds and lives of those you lead.

Right some wrongs in the coaching industry

The sporting enterprise is littered with stories of poor coaching practices that produce teams with little cohesion, communication, and confidence. Studying coaching science and becoming certified is an important first step in correcting these wrongs in South African coaching. By establishing trust and earning respect as a coach, you lay the foundations for success and can make meaningful changes in the industry.

Show your team that hard work pays off

Success is a luxury reserved for those willing to work hard, and yet many children are patiently waiting for their goals and dreams to transpire on a silver platter. When the importance of hard work is undermined, children lose sight of the real world. Coaches can redirect this course of thinking by creating a sense of purpose for their team and motivating their ultimate success through hard work and determination.

Grow your players

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a coach is watching your players start out in the shallow end before pushing off from the shore and dominating the big blue sea. Lessons learnt on the track, field and court can be channelled into many different avenues of life. Good coaches foster respect and camaraderie within their team, and between rival teams. They teach children to be humble in their wins, and courteous in the face of losses. Sport inspires big dreams and encourages children to delve into hidden depths of potential. As a coach, you are not just part of the journey, but the driving force behind it. 

At Physical IQ, we help prospective coaches provide opportunities to beginning and intermediate sportspeople in a manner that will contribute to community development as well as raise the standard of sport in South Africa. If you are interested, read more on our website and contact us.

Words by Gabi & Jess