Most of us know and understand the physical, mental and psychological benefits of exercise – but with COVID-19 removing gyms and exercise studios from our list of options, many of us are struggling to find a good alternative to working out in a gym setting.

While it may be tempting to put your exercise routine on pause until gyms re-open, it’s important to note that this pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. And even when the regulations and restrictions are lifted, the chances of your local gym looking the same as it did before are pretty slim.

So how can we get the personal attention and dedicated exercise time we were previously getting from the gym?

Well, first things first – any and all activities should be accompanied by stringent health precautions, such as wearing a mask, maintaining good hand hygiene and social distancing. Once you’ve checked those boxes, there are a few things you could try.

One of the safest ways to supercharge your exercise routine is to start doing one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer. Social distancing is much easier when it’s just the two of you, and your trainer will be able to give you the same level of exercise you were getting with the myriad of machines in the gym. One-on-one sessions also have the advantage of individualised attention, so you can focus on what is best for your body.

Another great alternative, and one you can do with your personal trainer, is outdoor exercise. With parks and other public spaces reopening under Level 3, there are many wide open spaces for you to exercise with others in a safe, hygienic way. Some gyms have even started hosting group outdoor exercise classes, where social distancing is much easier to maintain.

However you do it, make sure to stay active, healthy and safe to reduce stress, improve your mood and boost your immune system!

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