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Unlike most career paths, the fitness industry doesn’t have set-in-stone guidelines on how to get your foot in the door – but it takes more than a toned body and a tank top to become a fitness professional. While there are many paths you can take to enter the industry, depending largely on what you ultimately want to achieve, these are some great starting points for any health and fitness enthusiast.

Get certified
Step one is usually to get a high-quality qualification. This can take the form of either a long-term degree or diploma, or a short course that will form a solid base from which to launch your career. Look out for internationally-recognised options and you’ll have a ticket to the world.

Once you’ve obtained your qualification, or if you’re certain you want to develop your skills in a specific area, you can gain a specialised qualification. Specialisations allow you to focus on one aspect of the fitness industry, such as yoga, Pilates or exercise aimed at particular age groups.

You’re already well-versed in the idea of building up your strength over time – the same goes for you career. Start small, perhaps with a friend or family member, and progress slowly. With all the open spaces we are fortunate to enjoy in our country, try an outdoor class or training session. Once you’ve built up some practical skills, you’ll be ready for that upscale gym job you’ve always wanted.

Love what you do
There are lots of reasons to get into the fitness industry, but at the core of your motivation should be your love of improving the lives of others. With the flexible work schedule most trainers have to follow, including late nights and impromptu sessions, your passion will see you consistently deliver training that both you and your client will enjoy.

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