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When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, joining a group exercise class might be the push you need. While you may think of group exercise in the same way you do traditional one-on-one personal training or solo gym sessions, the reality is that there are loads of benefits to exercising with other people under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Group exercise encourages and motivates you
If you’ve ever been to a group exercise class, you’ll know that the energy is electrifying. Working out while surrounded by other people who are trying their hardest can push you to give every session your best. Scientific studies have proven that members of a group are more motivated, called the Köhler Motivation Gain Effect, which definitely applies to group exercise.

It can be way more fun than solo exercise
That same energy that drives you to do your best also makes for an exciting and enjoyable environment. Hard work, especially working out, can become a fun social activity, leading to even more dedication and determination from each and every group member. A well-trained instructor will help make your session enjoyable too, with good music and a constant stream of positivity.

You probably won’t be the strongest – or the weakest
Working out while surrounded by people of different abilities can be both motivational and uplifting. You will find yourself being inspired by and learning from those who are more experienced than you, while feeling more comfortable and confident by not being the least experienced.

You’ll get a more varied and holistic exercise
Group exercise instructors will usually aim for a comprehensive series of exercises that cover a wide spectrum of techniques and focus areas. Rather than sticking to the same three or four exercises you would do alone, you’ll learn new things, work out new parts of your body, and have a better all-round experience.

All the planning is done for you
Keen to exercise, but not sure where to start? Group exercise sessions have all been planned out by your instructor, who is there to tell you what to do, when to do it and how long to do it for. They will ensure that your form is on point, and all you’ll have to do is focus on yourself. A great bonus is that group exercise classes are a much more affordable option than a personal trainer, as you end up splitting the costs with the other attendees.

Your exercise buddies will keep you on track
Aside from the joy of making new friends, all of whom will share at least one of your interests (exercise), the people you meet at group exercise classes will encourage you to make it to every class – unlike the gym, where no-one is expecting you, making a lazy afternoon on the couch much more tempting.

Are you ready to sign up for a group exercise class yet? Find a class near you and get on track to fun and fitness today!