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Recent times have forced most, if not all, careers and businesses to reconsider the way they do things and the future of personal training is no exception. While personal training used to be done almost exclusively at clubs and gyms, today the landscape has changed, and the industry has adapted itself to the new normal.

With the pandemic closing gyms for a significant period, and clients less likely to risk the hazards of confined group classes and potentially infected workout equipment, personal trainers began searching for a way to keep their businesses alive. This meant getting creative. Across the world, trainers took to the online world to develop digital content, from virtual classes to social media challenges.

Today, many of the trainers who pivoted into the online realm have significantly increased their income. With access to the whole world at the touch of a button, your earning potential as a personal trainer is much wider than it was before and the future of personal training has never looked brighter.

Crucial to this success is the embracing of all the digital tools available. Beyond this, the ability to think creatively and to leverage these tools into communities, accountability programmes and so on will give clients an even more ‘personal’ experience – despite the physical distance.

At Physical IQ, we offer the only internationally-recognised and locally-accredited Personal Training Course in South Africa. Through our partnership with NASM, the most respected fitness institution in the world, you will receive a qualification that will open doors across the globe – whether you’re there in person, or conducting virtual training sessions.

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