Further Education

Learn the skills needed to teach safe, effective, and fun kickboxing classes in this online course. Duration: 1 month
In this course you’ll learn about perinatal factors, including: fetal growth and development, labor and delivery, obstetrical complications, physiology of pregnancy, hormonal changes, cardiorespiratory changes, and metabolic and endocrine factors. Duration: 3 months
This fusion-based format is a true balance between standing and floor exercises in a variety of positions. Duration: 1 month
In this first release of AFAA’s Sustaining Mobility & Movement series, group exercise instructors and personal trainers learn to uncover dysfunctions in the body’s kinetic chain and the associated movement deficiencies that can lead to poor movement patterns and potential injuries. Duration: 1 month
In the second piece of the Sustaining Mobility and Movement Series, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the functional anatomy of the foot, ankle and knee and how to correct the imbalances you see in group exercise settings—reducing injury and improving overall mobility. Duration: 1 month
This workshop focuses on what it takes to be an effective and safe group exercise instructor. Duration: 1 month
In this online course, you’ll focus on the physiology of women during and past midlife, including the stages and symptoms associated with menopause, and the long-term effects of estrogen deficiency (e.g., osteoporosis and heart disease). Duration: 1 month
This online program covers program goals, class format and design, and guidelines. Duration: 1 month
This online program covers exercise sequencing for more creative and metabolically effective workouts. Duration: 1 month
With AFAA’s bundled Injury Prevention Series – Essential Injury Prevention (Parts 1-4), you’ll take group exercise to an individual level by learning to assess your class and see how students move, uncover common imbalances and misalignments, and make adjustments to correct them. Duration: 1 month
Learn 175 exercises while taking an in-depth look at 11 of today’s most popular group exercise modalities, covering bodyweight training, foam rolling, stability balls, elastic resistance, sliding discs, medicine balls, suspension training, dumbbells, kettlebells, active resistance and box/step drills. Duration: 1 month
This program focuses on injury risk factors, types of injuries, injury terminology, and stages of inflammation and repair. Duration: 1 month
This program focuses on the sources and symptoms of stress and techniques that can be used to help manage stress. Duration: 1 month
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